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Your software consultancy is growing through your
hard work, calculated risk taking and leadership,

but when the big jobs come your way it’s hard to know IF YOU CAN EVEN BID FOR THEM

  • Are you going to hire extra people and keep them on the payroll, or even worse sack them, if the engagement comes to an end if despite your frantic efforts there’s no work to replace these roles?
  • You could take on contractors, but although they won’t expect loyalty from you if you can’t afford to keep them on – you can’t expect loyalty from them if something better comes up half way through the engagement.
  • And then you could share with other consultancies, if even after the tortuous negotiations you trust them to put up their best people on your job – or perhaps they will put in their best people as a prelude to bidding to replace you.
  • Or you could regretfully turn the work down. Perhaps in five or ten years, when you’ve grown big enough, and until then concentrate on the smaller stuff.

Then there’s offshoring – which takes most of the risk
out of expansion. But it has its own risks.

You could simply google for “offshore software development” and hope that those who are best at getting to the top of Google are also going to be the best fit for your project.

Or perhaps you could interview twenty or thirty development shops in the time that you have to prepare your bid and hope that the promises made when they are trying to get your business are kept in the middle of the make and break (for you) engagement.

Or you could go to one of the big offshorers and accept that you will be the bottom of their priorities and that they won’t even put the A Team to win your work. That is if you are big enough for them to consider working with.

So how do you manage offshoring?

Talk to us.

We already have the relationships with trusted offshorers.
We don’t directly consult, so we are not after your business.
We have experience of dealing with the cultural and other differences that crop up with offshoring.
We are the only offshore provider that focuses on software consultancies and so understand your strains.

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